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General Information

General information
Group courses are scheduled after I make an inventory of everyone’s personal schedule. I make an inventory of who can when, then I start planning. Therefore I need to know which days and times are possible for you. I One course is 6 times in total and usually spread over 2 weeks. The location is at Zealandia during the weekday’s and in Den Dunki or on the Salt pans during the weekends.

Private training for dogs

Private training for dogs is as followed:
You bring the dog in the morning. The dog is trained by our professional trainers and behaviorists for two day’s. This will take place several times a day. The dog gets to sleep, play and eat in between. At the end of the second day you can pick up your dog. The day after we schedule a private lesson of 1,5 hour to teach you everything you need to know. What to do, what not to do. During the training day’s you get video’s showing the progress of your dog.

Problem behavior

If there is problem behavior the training is in consultation as above, or if that’s not possible, training is at your home. A package includes 10 private lessons of 45 minutes or 6 lessons of 75 minutes.

Private training at home

If you really can’t live with out your dog for 2 days, you can get regular private training at your house as well. Packages are the same as above.

Other courses

With enough enthusiasm there are courses for:
– pack work / obedience
– tracking / retrieving
– obedience at higher level
– agility / obedience
To attend these courses you follow an obedience course before. If you like to take these courses in private training this is not necessary. Pack work courses are only trained in a friendly way. We do not train the dogs to become more aggressive.

Best combination

Most people do private in house training and close after a group course at a higher level. Quality of obedience and behavior is best with in house training. Group courses are good to train in situations with more distraction and are good for dog and owner to learn about dog communication and socialization.

Best results

All training is given in a short time for the best possible result. Training with short follow up time gives proven the best result. Flaws or imperfections are corrected immediately and dogs learn best with very regular repetition in a short time, increasing in level, speed, tightness and motivation.

What exercises

Exercises the dogs learn are: their name, come, sit, stay, down, stay, heel (or walk), don’t jump up, don’t bite, uh !, socialization, dog language / attitudes (owners). All other is possible on request.


Level 1: all on leash, learning the exercises. They get to know everything in the basics and development of socialization.
Level 2: we increase in level, speed, tightness, motivation, quality, distance, more distraction and combining exercises. We start working on long leashes, sometimes of leash.
Level 3 and 4: get the level up to perfection for the ultimate goal:
A dog performing all the exercises on voice command, also remotely and partly out of sight with distraction, of the leash, surrounded by other dogs, with good social behavior, and overall happy and self-assured.

Until now, most people did private training for quality of the obedience and close after 1 or more group courses. To continue training and maintain what was learned and improve quality by training with more distraction, continue to develop socialization, self-assurance and motivation.

Everything is possible

But you can do only private training or only group courses. If that fits you better.

Kind regards Leonie,

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